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Thursday, August 18, 2022



DIVE IN!"From your Dream to an implemented Vision Retreat"


Are you a Corporate Leader?

Are you at a turning point in your professional and/or personal life?

Are you a small business owner or/and manage other people? 
Do you want to define and/or clarify your vision and increase your influence so you can make the decisions that will enable you to reach your goals? of course you do 
Do you want to develop the quality of your relationships at work and assert your Leadership position?

This seminar will enable you to strengthen your ability to exercise responsibility and will provide you with the skills to increase your influence, in both your professional and in your personal life.

Vision & Leadership is based on proven methodologies, both in the U.S. and in Europe, that are unique, fun and interactive: the Tao Game and the 'Person-Centered Approach' Skills. Those methodologies were developed by Tao Village and the American psychologist Carl Rogers.


"This past weekend, I had the  opportunity to attend the Turning points Seminar and hands on workshop. Whether you are developing your personal vision and goals or one for your company, you will benefit greatly from the insightful questions and guidance this time allows.  Edith is a talented and skillful faciciltator. You will come away with a clear picture of the directions you are wanting to and steps to get there. This is a profitable investment of assets for everyone."   Chris E. Church Leader     May 2013

Seminars are $500 per person, and can accommodate groups up to 6 people. Please contact the numbers below for further information or to register.

"From your Dream to an implemented Vision ":
February  20-21 2020
Fallbrook California USA
Call for information: 303 317 3265
Registration on the link below: 

The TAO Game© by Tao Village

An innovative approach in France, the Tao game© combines ancient wisdoms, studies by the Mental Research Institute in Palo Alto, research programs in the field of motivational psychology, neurolinguistics, and groundbreaking strategies on collaboration.


The 'Person-Centered Approach' Skills    

 The Person-Centered Approach is based on the principle that any work accomplishment is made possible through relationships. There are four 'skills':

1. Congruence

2. Empathic Listening

3. Empathy

4. Unconditional Positive Regard


During this 2-day seminar you will learn the skills that will enable you to achieve your goals. You will share your most important vision and goals with others who will challenge you constructively.


This meaningful experience will change you!

Whatever you learn and share during this seminar will contribute to help you way beyond the 2-day experience. At Turning points, we believe that Leadership is based on qualities such as courage, humility, and generosity.

For more information, contact:



303 317 3265


Learn more about Turning Point at www.turningpointsjourney.com

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