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Thursday, August 18, 2022


Dealing with Diversity

“ It is the office of man to kindle the fire, but the part of the woman to keep it burning”

- Pima Ethic


We provide a training program that is designed to help teams and individuals obtain a greater sense of understanding the emotional impact of dealing with Diversity, especially diversity , cultural differences at the work place.


Through a seven step process, it includes:

  • Understanding the inner process you are going through when dealing with diversity
  • Developing personal awareness about diversity
  • Being able to assess and manage the reactions associated with the matter of diversity
  • Involving others in dealing with diversity to ensure quality and acceptance

The outcome enhances the development of appropriate skills necessary to better manage a diverse environment (on both a business tier and on a personal level).

For more information, please call: Edith Samouillet +1 303 317 3265

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