" Listen to all the teachers in the woods. Watch the trees, the animals and all living things--you'll learn more from them than from books". Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

Thursday, August 18, 2022


Leadership retreat in cooperation with Navajo Native American

Leadership retreatOur outdoors Retreats are organized upon request from June to October:

In the Canyon DeChelly, AZ and In Conifer Co

Leadership retreats are customized and inspiring journey provided in partnership with Navajo Native Americans, in Colorado (Denver) and in Arizona (Canyon de Chelly). In that peaceful environment C-Level and Senior Executives can distance themselves from their day-to-day work responsibilities and involvement, take a holistic approach to their life and what they want to achieve, and focus on restoring tranquility and balance to their inner-being. Our Leadership Retreat is a unique opportunity for Leaders to reflect on their leadership skills and learn new skills, while restoring an inner-balance to their lives that will offer them an enhanced feeling of well being and a greater sense of personal and professional accomplishment.


During July 2008, I have experienced an incredible leadership retreat in the Canyon de Chelly, planned, organized and conducted by Edith Samouillet Vice President Organizational Consulting. It was for me the achievement of a personal work in Leadership and this experience was the best conclusion I’d have imagined. Four days in this gorgeous, silent and sacred place of Navajo people, living a simple life, experiencing the essential meanings of my personal work in Leadership.


I recommend very highly this kind of leadership retreat for top leaders who want to experiment both wild nature life and deep personal search, according to amazing Navajo traditions. The impact in my work and my life is important and I thank Edith Samouillet for designing and letting me participate in such experience.


Gilles Briquet


Clinique des Vallées Group


And a testimony from a CEO who regularly attends retreats in different settings:

“The annual retreat alone makes the cost for the year a great value. Spending time with a diverse group of CEOs in this setting and having stimulating discussions on life as a CEO helps me recalibrate.”

Mark Leuchtenberger, Targanta Therapeutics

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